Tuesday, March 06, 2012

On the Eve before Purim

 On my wall calendar I have a reminder that tomorrow is Purim. Although I'm not Jewish, this little reminder sends me back to reread the story of Esther.
{ The word Pûrîm from the word Pur which means "Lots" -because evil Haaman cast lots to decide which day to carry out the massacre.}

I wonder how she felt, being adopted by Mordecai and growing up in Persia. I wonder how she felt being chosen to marry this strange and powerful king based purely on her outward beauty. I wonder if she made friends with the other wives.

How would it be to know the fate of your people rests in your limited power?

How would it be to know you could be snuffed out with a glance from the king? 

Would I have the courage to wrestle through the politics, and oppression to battle at my banquet table and would I have the strength accuse my overlord's right hand man?

Esther is amazing.

She's not a trophy wife. Not one bit.

"...and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" -Esther 4:14

I don't know what battles you're fighting lately. I don't know if you're fighting for your people, or your life, or just to get through the day on your terms. 

But Esther grieved. Esther fasted. And then...she stood up and put her royal clothes on. And with the strength of millions praying for her... 

she threw a dinner party. 

She prepared her heart, listened to the spirit and won. 

Like I said. Esther is amazing. 

 {Do you know who else is amazing? Minerva Teichart!}

{Here's a video about the model for this painting--Betty Curtis Stokes now age 92}

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