Monday, May 07, 2012

Farewell Tour { Part II }

 Off we went, despite gathering clouds to visit the North shore.

 Driving through Anahola it rained and rained (nothing new...but scary when you can't see!)

When it dried up a bit I was able to snap a pic of the GLORIOUS countryside...

And then we stopped and stared at the beautiful lighthouse, and watched the birds curled up on the tree boughs. It was not a good day for soaring. 

We figured that since we were practically there already, we'd hit up Hanalei as well.

This is my favorite part of the road---it feels like you're flying through the tops of the jungle on a Disney ride.

Look at all those taro feilds!

It rained and was muggy and misty we sort of wandered around a bit at the shops and ate some sub-par Mex-Brazilain food.
The waterfalls were nice and full.

and...then we said...hey--we're here already--let's go over a few more one lane bridges and go to the end of the road!

The island is only 562 square miles--and you cannot circumnavigate it by car.

And we stopped in a cave and wandered about. (our little 'fake' baby in the pink there had just woken up from her nap. She LOVED the cave.)

The sun finally really decided to stay out for good, and we enjoyed getting our toes wet at the beautiful beach.

When the doctor tells you to find your 'happy place' --feel free to borrow this one. Ivan and I both agree that this is the most beautiful of all the beaches.

So...that's that--we hit Kilauea, Hanalei, and Ha'ena state park!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

A quick note about family trees...


I count myself a pretty lucky person. One of the bajillion reasons is that someday my kids could have THESE gorgeous genes added to our family tree...

Are you seeing this?

Here, I'll show you again.   

My sister-in-law is so freaking gorgeous. She glows. And she's got a spirit to match.

Model stance...and she's honestly not even trying! She didn't even know I was snapping a pic.

My future kiddos are so dang lucky. 

What's that my little future children? Oh...your cool factor? Yeah, you get that from your Dad's side of the family.

Your love of cheese and ability to whistle? All me babycakes. That's ALL me.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Farewell tour { p a r t - I }

Yep, it's time to go back home. But before we leave this beautiful island, you can bet we're going to visit all of our favorite places!  

First up:  Waimea Canyon

 It's pretty breathtaking, and sometimes it makes my feet hurt to go up to the edge of the railing, but it's so beautiful, that I "nailed my courage to the sticking place..."

I didn't spot any mountain goats this time around, but the ohia lehua flowers were blooming. 

 There's a legend about how Pele the fire goddess was in love with a man named Ohia and wanted to marry him--but he had already pledged his love to Lehua. Naturally--jealous Pele was furious and as punishment she turned Ohia into a gnarled ugly tree. Lehua begged Pele to turn him back--but was refused. So Lehua begged the other gods to turn her man back--instead they turned her into a flower that would blossom on the tree. The story goes that if you pick a lehua blossom, it will rain--because they've been separated.

 Gorgeous Nelssie was able to come visit us for our farewell tour. I think Hawaii agrees with her. 
She could be a decedent of Pele, don't you think?

Here's Ivan doing an excellent impression of the funky sticker sign...(which probably read no posting stickers, and stay on the other side of the wall! ) One foot past this sign, is the cliff...and I couldn't see the bottom of the canyon. Yipes!

A May Day post! {Our Trip to Pearl Harbor}

 {I kinda sorta wish downtown Honolulu still looked like this...}

  { Really cool map at the Pearl Harbor memorial park}

{This was docked in the harbor, but we came too late to take a tour}

{Feeling very far away from the mainland all of a sudden...}

{Swabbing the decks of the Nevada --cir 1940}

{Took this picture of what you'd see through the periscope. }

 {Arizona memorial--very tiny on the left}