Saturday, March 29, 2008


On Saturday, March 29 at 8pm millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour - Earth Hour - symbolizing the need to take action on climate change.

and who can resist anything narrated by Jeremy Piven---he's dreamy!

Friday, March 21, 2008

You should doctor!


"It hurts when I pee!"


"My legs hurt...right here" *points to shins*

Shin Splints.

"My pee is really dark, and I start to pass out when I eat candybars!"

Seriously? Go get checked out for Diabetes/ Hypoglycemia.

"I'm really dizzy, and I can't walk straight--I went swimming yesterday."

Go to the clinic, check out your inner ear.

"I think I sprained my ankle! What do I do!?"

Ice, Elevation, take two asprin and get thee to a clinic!

" *burn* OW! Wait! I can't remember...Do you put hot water or cold water on a burn?"

Oh, well first we have to find your brain....

" Hey Kage!--what's that muscle right here?"

That's your Latissimus dorsi.

" What's the prefix for anything to do with lungs?" "pulmonary"


" Can anyone tell me where the Thalmus is located? The Hippocampus? The Occipital Lobe?"

*I raise my hand*

"Anyone other than Kjirsten?"


FHE BROTHER: Yo! Kj--help a brutha out...I'm trying to pass my EMT course--I gotta pretend like i've been called to your house...What are your symptoms?

ME: have to assess if the scene is safe first dude.

BRO: Oh yeah! Is the scene safe?

ME: Yes. symptoms are I'm feverish, i'm out of it confused, I'm lying on the floor, i'm breathing fast, and my breath smells fruity, my hands feel numb.

BRO: Do you have any allergies?

ME: No.

BRO: Good 'cause I can't give you an epi-pen! Do you have any broken bones?

ME: NO!-i'm in and out of consciousness.

BRO: Uh, do you have a pulse.

ME: YES-i'm alive! How bout you ask me if I have diabetes!

BRO: Right, um...are you wearing the bracelet?

ME: Nope....but so what!?

BRO: Have you eaten today?

ME: A long time ago.

BRO: Ok...I'm gonna get you some food.

ME: Yeah, I'm unconscious now.

SO--over the last couple years I've become the go-to gal when it comes to anything remotely medical. Ingrown toenail, strange rashes, dizziness, asthma attacks, flu symptoms, stomach issues, menstration, allergies, sore muscles, fingernail sensitivity ( ok..that last one hasn't happend yet..)

But It has now started to leak out onto facebook--

"Hey!! Are you up late tonight?? Can I come pick your brain about some medical things? ...I'll be home around 11:30-ish, and wanted to stop by. If there is a better time tomorrow, let me know!! Thanks KJ--You're the best!!"

Any encounter usually ends up with "So what's your major again?"

"Art" I say, matter-o-factly.

" should be a doctor!"

----Yeah i'm so not an expert here.

I am facinated with the human body, and all that it can do--how it handles infection, stretched muscles, the daily bumps and bruises that we give it.

Again--the relief I "perscribe" is pretty much common knowledge and hey, I haven't killed anyone yet.

But what these silly encounters really do is make me wonder--If I hadn't been so freaked by needles and math, would I have gone into medicine?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Haiti Feedback-

This is what the client wrote back when I sent her my PDF file.

"I love the nests! I really do! I’m not sure I’ll be able to get my board of directors to buy it, but personally I say, “Great job!” I smile every time I think of your nest logo. It’s a strong, immediate communication, and very appealing, clear and bold. It has a very original feel; I’ve never seen anything like it. Please continue refining it. Be very sensitive about the type font choice and the spacing between every letter, as well as between the words and lines. Be careful about mixing sizes of letters. Try experimenting more with the quality of the lines making the nest."

---Still working on ideas for the whole packet--
DVD folder concept

CD case maze heart logo

There are some issues concerning cost for this grassroots program--and we're trying to approach it as minimally as possible.

We'll see.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


HOORAY for art trips.

Tomorrow at five-freaking-thirty in the blessed morning we ( the crazed artsy students) will board a twelve-passenger-van and head down to the promised land.

The Springville Art Museum is pretty much amazing

I'm wonderfully excited to see the High School art exhibit and reminisce about having my work shown in a museum as a HS student! (oooh...ahhhh!) It's funny to look at the work that was selected now, because I really don't like it-(self portrait)--and there are a million things i'd change about it now, but at the time I thought it was kind of cool--and didn't realize how cool it was until I saw it hanging there, on the wall. I should really find a picture of the darn thing.

ANYWAY--that'll be around 10ish...and then we're off to the BYU museum, so I can sob and sigh infront of the HUGE nativity painting by Kershisnik. (if it's still up) and marvel at Minerva's work.

and then....who knows! Salt Lake? We're up for adventure and more artsy sights and then back that night to snowy cold stupid Idaho---to have a Zen experience with a wood stove in the early early morning--we're talking three-aaaaa.mmmm...

SO--*ahem Andi!* if you happen to be stuck in a house with children who have exhausted their games for the morning--head over to the museum, and I'll run around with them!

Monday, March 03, 2008


Trying to get through this beast of a week---I have to give a presentation on my least favorite artist tomorrow at *gasp* 8 AM!

EW....EWWWWWWW! I really don't like his work.

I'm inundated with haitian orphans, and call me evil but i'm hating every moment of it--I'm doing their logo---and sales packet, ( actually I don't hate them, so much as the people who try to exploit them...) and finishing up my bendigo pottery project ( that isn't amounting to anything to write home about--really, because they all keep cracking!) and having to read two books for Educational psych--which is good, but lots of work....

And then finishing up my illustrated manuscript project, and then I'm off chopping wood for the woodfire kiln Friday morning at *GASP* 8 AM!!!!!!

AND THENNNNN...Saturday I'll be able to breathe, and think, and dive in again.....for NEXT Saturday when I have the GASPPPPPPPPP* 3 am shift at the woodkiln---stoke stoke, poke poke....

I'm counting the days until the Springville art museum trip.....March 14th!

It's only 25 days until my birthday! HOLY CRAPOLY! I'm old! WOOHOO!

I'm TIRED! Whoo...whoo....

Gotta go write a paper.