Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Have you met my friend? { Lauren }

 { Isn't Lo-Lo so gorgeous!?! She's one of those people who you're kind of are surprised exist in real life and not just on T.V.}

So-- a long, long time ago, I went to college in a far away state, and using the skills I'd learned in kindergarten-- I made my first friend. You see, there was a giant blizzard, and she was my neighbor and I like to think that she saved me from a bleak and sorry looking freshman year, because I actually think she did.

{ This is the typical gorgeous deliciousness you can find on her website...on the left there are Individual Blackberry Tarts and Almond & Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding... 
Don't they make you want to be a food photographer? }

 I feel pretty special that I was there for the beginning! As her roommate and was often the lucky recipient of Double Chocolate Silk Cream Pie    (a.k.a. the pie that got her married --haha!) and ohhh those wonderful muffins. 

Not only is she a fantastic cook, but she's H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S

So, go on. Just go over and say, "Hello." Make a new friend! Find a great recipe for PI(E) DAY!

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