Sunday, July 05, 2009

A fabulous FOURTH!

Balloons in the morning.  

Tasty Ebelskivers!

A GREAT parade!

Sweet babies! 

Glorious food.

Hilarious family and friends.


Katie and Sam said...

yay! we had so much fun! come visit us!

shaunita said...

It was great to visit with you a bit. Darryl said the other night that he hopes our kids grow up to be just like you and Soren. :)

Rachael and Brad Huntsman said...

Kage, why oh why can't I make my pictures look like yours. They are so breathtaking. I can feel emotion with them. With mine its' like... nice, but yours are splendifurocious. new word.

Elaine said...

fun! i love your photos, kj. although they make me miss the family mucho...