Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yummy produce! 

The weather was just right. The sun was streaming through the baskets of cherries...
and the organically grown flower arrangements...

Oh, yes, the sweet sunshine made everyone in the mood for LIME-AID!
It is so refreshing, and so delicious... made some of us quite giddy. 

Sweet Meghan! I love this girl!

I made some new friends at the market!

Liz, from Walking Stick Farm. She has the coolest beets!

And then Noah, from Thailand! 
She makes delightful felt creations that look good enough to eat!

Felt dumplings. Clever, no?
And then I met Nola, (she says named after "Granola") At 85 years young, she still cuts the rug doing ballroom dance, and she teaches watercolor classes! 
She invited me over to improve my technique. 

And of course, the poster-boy for Utah, BBQ! 
The big flirt knows what he's talkin' about when it comes to the sauce. 
It was mighty tasty.  
My senses were awash in a sea of graphic prints, satisfying smells, and the knowledge that this is how a Provo Saturday should be spent. 



Katie and Sam said...

What a picturesque market! I wish we could have been there, too!

Kaje said...

Well, dahhhling. What are ya'll doing for the 4th? Come play! COME PLAY! Soren will be down!

Lauren and Gordon Brennan said...

I think you should just become a photographer-- none of this teacher business! I love these photos! You are so talented!

andi said...

These look FAB!!!! I wish, wish, wish I could swap you a wedding for the market.

Soon the day will come when I am strolling the farmer's market and you are off at some gig. Just you wait and see!