Thursday, June 11, 2009

Everythings commin' up ROSIE!

I've been meaning to post these for a while.
Sweet Rosie swinging away! We had a very fun visit. Rosie has a great laugh.

Blurry, but I still like it. 
Horses in Grammy's pasture.

Swishy tails.

Going up to the cabin is one of my most favorite rides. I love the sweet, cedar air. I'm really going to miss that place.

Bridal-veil falls, looking very lush in the canyon. All this rain has made everything so green!

Rosie decided that she would draw "whiskers" on herself. Very fine whiskers, I must say. 

This was her pose when I said, "Smile!" Ha ha ha!

Kung fu!

Rosie took this picture while we ate at One World Cafe!
And this one of beautiful Aunty Kate!

I ate BUFFALO! Ohhhh, my. I couldn't stop stuffing my face. It was so very very good.
 Thanks Katie!

And then of course, fancy drinks with pulverized pomegranates, effervescent spring water, and humiliated, masticated, oh-drat-what-was-that-verb-BECCA!? walloped watermelon! DELICIOUS! 

What a treat to spend time with my fantastic, witty, intelligent and beautiful cousins! 


Katie and Sam said...

it was such a treat hanging out with you KJ! We must repeat!

M&B said...

Those are wonderful pictures! It was just---- WONDERFUL----- to hang out with you. LOVES AND KISSES!!
And what WAS it?
Mulled? DANGIT.

Katie and Sam said...

it's MUDDLE! (right?)

L said...

Found this blog from your xanga site. reminded me of how much better you'd fit into my husband's family (the Bennions you know) than I do. Maybe you'll have to come visit me. They'd probably adopt you.

Kaje said...

Brandielle! If you only knew how I've longed to be adopted by the Bennions!

I miss you woman! You should bring baby peanut over this way, for family visits and a photo shoot with ME!
When are you due?
Orem feels more like the Oregon coast lately. Rain, rain, blissful rain!