Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Weekend with X and Z

Funny jokes:

5 1/2 year old.

X: What if there was an animal with a million-jabillion legs!

Me:Hmm, I don't know X. What do you think about that animal?

X: I'd think that's a LOT of shoes!!!


3 Year old.

Me: Hey, Z--what are you doing with all those sticks?

Z: Oh, actually, I'm going to put them under the tree.

Me: Ok.

Z: Actually, I'm going to--- stick them up. *Cracks up laughing*


X gets Religion--

X: Hey, Kj? You're going to die one day, huh?

Me: Yep.

X: Oh.

Me: How do you feel about that X?

X: Um, I'll be sad for a while.

Me: But, you know what? You can see me again.

X: Hey! When we're resurrected!!

Me: That's right. Who was the first person to be resurected X?

X: Jesus.

Me: Uh-huh.

X: I hope our graves are next to eachother. That way when we wake up I can give you a big hug!

Me: Ohhh! That will be so great!

X: *looks worried for a bit*...But...who's going to roll away the stone?

Me: The stone?

X: Yeah! Who's going to move it?

Me: Uhh...I don't know.


Me: Yeah?


Me: Aunt Annie?

X: Yep. Aunt Annie....oh...but how will she know it's us?

Me: *puzzled*...I'm, uh...

X: I KNOW! Our stones will have NAMES on them!

The rest of the weekend was a flip-flop between being the BESTEST COUSIN IN THE WHOLE being THE MEANEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD, and back again.

*sigh* is tough...especially when you hit your sister and you have to sit by yourself for a while.


randomanda said...

i love the mix of being the best and the worst, all happening over a few minutes. i am pretty sure my nieces and nephews look at me that way.

Katie said...

I'm jealous. I miss those kids too much! Hey, will you be home in September? We're going to come to you!

Kj said...

Amanda-- I think you should definately blog about life with the munchkins more often. I find myself quoting, "BUT I AM"--a lot.

Katie--YES! I'll be back in Maine. When are you comming? For Bilbo's Birthday? YAY for visits!!!

andi said...

Two words: Birth Control.

Actually, Zina has always been the queen of puns. Her first joke was bi-lingual at the age of 20 months. Her hard boiled egg was quickly rolling across the table (propelled by Xan) and she says:

"Look, mom. It's a run-a-huevo"

Gotta love those kids. They certainly love you! thanks again.

andi said...

Oh, yeah. Here's another Xanny on religion.

Me: Xanny, stop hitting your sister.

X: (Whack!)

Me: Xanny, I told you to stop hitting your sister.

X: (Punch!)

Me: Xanny, why are you hitting your sister even though I told you twice to stop?

X: I'm not 8 years old yet? I guess I am still learning right from wrong.