Monday, June 23, 2008

Midsummer night...

I'm missing gardens and dewy grass, and the seeming solitude of nature.

Wishing I were surrounded by fireflies and whispering birches, rather than the hum of florescent lights.

I would even brave the mosquitos and black flies, if I could climb up the oak into our tree house and watch the waning moon.

The "Thud, thud, thud" of the annoying rap star base from the apartment below, and the sticky night peppered from orange industrial lights fill my sheets.

I can't sleep.

Give me a hammock! Give me a winding stream...and peepers singing in the blackness.

I'll curl up in my bower, feel the long grasses tickle my back.

Squint your eyes and you may see Oberon and his band of menehune walk past.

BUT NO! I am stuck on the third floor of a concrete block. No midsummer mischief for me...

Goodnight Puck.


Liz said...

tragedy. I almost cried for you. Have you seen Joe vs the Volcano? Things could be worse.
Cwall me dwahling. Lets Chaht, yes?

shaunita said...

it sounds like a campout is definitely in order. or at least a walk-about.

randomanda said...

yea! Puck!