Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Adventure

Midway Utah
 Here's Amanda checking out the Wallsburg school, built in 1904.
 I FINALLY got to shoot Christine! Isn't she gorgeous?

 When will she learn that I WILL take her picture...and I WILL love it...and so will my camera!?!?!
 It was a great day of texture and light. Oh and incredible pizza...but I was too hungry to take pictures.

You can glare all you want, I'mma still take your pic. Ha!
 Look ma! It's the shire!

All in all, a pretty great day. It's supposed to SNOW this week--so I'm glad we got to be out in the sun.


Trav said...

I love this entire post. Great photography! Beautiful subjects! You should do another one of these. Seriously awesome.

Kaje said...

Wow--Thanks Travis!! That's high praise.

Randomanda said...

I must protest, Kjirst. I don't glare because I don't want my picture taken. I glare for something to do with my FACE. bwaaahhahahaa