Friday, October 22, 2010

Flapjack Fridays

 On certain Fridays, when the weather is warm, you might catch a glimpse of this...
and you might smell the grand creations heating up on the griddle. Tonight it was Lime Vanilla, Buttermilk Nutmeg, and Banana Chocolate chip pancakes. 

I rock at flapjacks. But I suck at frying up bacon.  

 I LOVE this 70's chandelier. The little house is so full of magic.

 The gazebo and the horse pasture tonight...
 Another great thing about Flapjack Friday is when friends show up with their guitars and play into the dark.
The nights will get too cold to keep the flapjack enchantment going through the winter. Someday when I'm a bazillionaire I will completely restore the old house. For now, the cracks in the ceiling and the broken glass in the windows makes it a summer residence.


Randomanda said...

I love flapjack friday. But Christine has developed her own venture for winter. Thirsty Thursday. (haha) I told her that it's all her doing, so she can arrange it. I think she'll shoot for December to start

Sara said...

Oh I wish I lived closer so I could come to flapjack Friday! Miss you!