Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We return you now to your regular scheduled programming

Ahh, yes welcome back to my self-absorbed posts.

Being up Kolob canyons was truly a blessing. I sorely needed to find my own mount sinai for a time.

I'm feeling more confident about my blurry future. The old house project is coming along. I'm making friends, and connections with interesting people.

Life is deep red dirt.
Life is cool shadows in the canyons.
Life is tired kids asking for stories.
Life is yoga mats.
Life is playing with my camera.
Life letting go of what I thought I wanted.
Life is quiet sunrises.
Life is sweet friendships.
Life is feeling alive again.

What is your life like right now?


Liz said...

my life is a-missing KJ!! I'll be in Utah in a few weeks (ack!) and we get to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your curzoopal

Katie and Sam said...

life is macadamia nut-chocolate chip bread.
life is running in the cool mornings, to burn off the macadamia nut-choc chip bread.
WHEN are you going to come visit KJ?

M&B said...

I heart you kj.