Thursday, March 19, 2009

I've figured it out.

What I've been feeling for the last three weeks.



Chocolate makes headaches go away...right?


M&B said...

During my student teaching I couldn't stomach anything but Coca Cola. Caffeine: the engine of education!
I would love to be in your class!

Sara said...

I completely know the feeling! Student teaching killed me! Chocolate ... but only good swiss chocolate...will help headaches :)

Lacey said...

Are you a teacher now? If so, congrats! I'm enjoying your posts. I know that chocolate does help headaches sometimes.... depends how bad it is. I also read your post b4 this one and was impressed with how calm you were. I agree, why isn't there a first aid kit in every classroom? Way to go teach! Hope you're doing great where you are! I think of you often.

Katie and Sam said...

Congratulations on gradgimitating! I'm so proud of you! and I wish I was in your class too!