Sunday, January 13, 2008

Positively besotted with Kershisnik

Dancing on a Very Small Island

Mother and Child

Girl Reading Very Small Book

The Measuring

I also love his Nativity painting--it makes me cry. It's just so powerful to see in person... but when I tried to take a picture of it at the BYU exhibit, I got yelled at. ( Ironically, it was my favorite piece in the whole show, and the only one they wouldn't let me snap!) Luckily Dad bought a poster of it in the museum store.

Something about his approach, it's anitiquated, and familiar--like moments from childhood. It's also honest and awkward..I LOVE it.


shaunita said...

Hey, I'm so glad I found your blog. You should check out ours (if you haven't already).

Kj said...

Yay Shauna!
Yes, I've been blog hopping lately--and catching up on all the news. Although I'm not sure it'll let me comment. Some sites won't let me.

I'm glad I get to see the latest cool remodels or read about your life. Definately digging this whole family on the web thing.