Saturday, January 12, 2008


Just for our University gallery--but i'm so excited. I get to give tours to 80+students on Thursdays throughout the semester! Also--i'll be available for the other elementary students to come through for a tour.

This will be such good experience!

Maybe i'll go be a docent at the MOMA---like this woman that I shadowed for an afternoon.


NO TIME TO PLAY--here's the rest of my classes with skimpy word discriptions:

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Intimidating, hardcore, outofthebox (finally!)

ADVANCED CERAMICS: Muscles, form vs. function, 9 different kilns.

EDUCATIONAL PSYCH: Refreshing, (thank you lord!) Insightful, 8 texts to read by April

ART METHODS 1: Paperwork, Paperwork, Observation of classrooms

ART METHODS 2: Lesson plans, forming curriculum, Nightmare stories---designed to help prepare us...

ART SEMINAR: Lectures, Inspirational, too many options...want to do it all!


I love the iTunes store---
Today I bought music from "The Mission", "Chocolat", and Regina Spektor. Mmmm!


Have to run---I'm teaching the lesson in Relief Society tomorrow morning!


andi said...

Wow, Van Gough at the BYU-I museum. Who knew?

Kj said...

Ha! I wish--that's from my trip this last december--I do however, get to show origional Warhols! (Marilyn prints!)

shaunita said...

What a fun job!