Thursday, May 03, 2012

A quick note about family trees...


I count myself a pretty lucky person. One of the bajillion reasons is that someday my kids could have THESE gorgeous genes added to our family tree...

Are you seeing this?

Here, I'll show you again.   

My sister-in-law is so freaking gorgeous. She glows. And she's got a spirit to match.

Model stance...and she's honestly not even trying! She didn't even know I was snapping a pic.

My future kiddos are so dang lucky. 

What's that my little future children? Oh...your cool factor? Yeah, you get that from your Dad's side of the family.

Your love of cheese and ability to whistle? All me babycakes. That's ALL me.

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ScotlandLily8707 said...

<3 Love ya Kj and this is a beautiful post!! Your family is beautiful.