Thursday, October 27, 2011

Traveling from sea to shining sea

I love Washington D.C. After my Seattle trip, I left one Washington for the other...It was good to get back and see my roots, as well as the roots of our nation. 
There are some truly powerful monuments there.

Oh the Native American museum was so amazing, and everything was so thought out and purposeful. I was really impressed.  Can you spy the capitol building in the garden?

I like this shot.

 The light in the Jefferson Monument is divine. 

 My favorite monument however, is the FDR...

" The freedom wall holds 4,048 gold stars. Each gold star represents one hundred American service personnel who died or remain missing in the war. The 405,399 American dead and missing from World War II are second only to the loss of more than 620,000 Americans during our Civil War."

I had studied the Vietnam memorial in Art History classes, and even wrote a paper about it. Until I actually walked down into that dark mark, the shame and pain of this war still seeping into the ground around it---and the names yelling at me from the wall, I had no idea how powerful it was. 


Anonymous said...

Love these pics!

Kbrewer730 said...

My city looks way cooler from your eyes than mine. ;)

ScotlandLily8707 said...

I love DC as well. I smile whenever I look back on the trips memories I have taken there. The first less than a month after 911 occured. The next spring break at USM writing a massive history paper.

The wall was hard for me too. I was moved to tears walking down it. The power of a name is felt once seen I believe. And those names are etched into our nations history into the fabric of our nation. I spent much time in the Library of Congress probably my favorite place on the planet. I miss DC and the library.

Your photo journey is lovely and well photographed and noted. Which is to be expected with your incredible talent.