Sunday, September 04, 2011

When I took this picture: A love letter

Mi amor,

When I took this picture we were in the midst of of a perfect day. We've had many more since then. I was still busy being completely enamored by your sweetness, doing double takes at my own reactions, and appreciating your willingness to go anywhere, and do anything. 

I remember your gentle hand on my back as we walked across the street. "Which house is your favorite?" "Let's go to this art gallery. Teach me about abstract art." "I love these old houses with history." and "Thank you for this perfect day."

This was the day I realized that I was suddenly falling for you. Hard.

When I took this picture, I was arguing with myself about how I shouldn't be imagining a life with you, so early in our relationship. Stupid girl, you're moving too fast! But I let myself imagine working with you, making food, playing, cleaning, everyday house stuff. Going on adventures, and just being "homebodies" with you.

It felt so natural. So easy.

It felt like how in dreams when you glance to your side, and no one is there. And then there is someone, but they've always been there. And it's right.

I kept fighting the 'rightness' of us. Wasn't there some sort of rule about timing? Or putting some miles behind us first.

You had already made your decision. You had chosen me. You were waiting, so sweetly. So content, and sure in your place. You had taken the risk.

When I took this picture, I knew.

What I didn't know is how you would continually surprise me, how you would call me out on my faults, and have it be okay, how you would help me, and how I would learn to let you. I didn't know how it could feel to love someone more and more each day.

I didn't know all that.

But, when I took this picture I knew that I only wanted to come home to you. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my mercy- I can't handle you--so stinkin' sweet!

"Bri Dream" said...

Absolutely poetic. That is exactly how I want to feel someday. :) Truly inspirational, and I wish you the best!

Elaine said...

There is so much to love about love. I love you, couzoople!

Kaje said...

@ Kendra--I know. When your heart is involved it all comes out in moron...

@ Bri- Girl, I heart you and am so 'cited that you have a blog that I can stalk! Woohoo!

@ Elaine- Ditto!