Friday, July 01, 2011

*The List*

Today I found a list that I wrote when I was 16...


*Supportful (yeah I made up my own word. I was dumb)
*Helps me with work/home
*Loves me
*Full of service
*Hard worker
*Open minded

*Appreciates art and music
*Loves the Lord
*Can hold a conversation
*Willing to learn
*Quick to follow promptings
*Thirst for life
*Forgiving of self and others
*Non-picky eater- please please!
*Willing to communicate
*Relaxed about self

I totally lucked out.


Becca said...

You found your imaginary boyfriend! That is a very cute list-- and I think "supportful" is a perfectly cromulent word.

AmyCamille said...

love it.

DBR said...

One of the top five cutest things I've ever seen in a lifetime of being a big softie.