Saturday, May 07, 2011

A conversation with Maman...

{Profiles of my sister, and brother}
me: MOM! PROMISE me you won't do that short curly old woman do.

mum: Promise!

me: You may grow it long, and wear it in a bun

{Maman, wearing a summer fairy queen wreath}

mum: Okay....thank you

me: and let it out for grandchildren to comb through

mum: :)

me: Like Mrs. Piggy-wiggle

mum: and find....what in my hair as they comb through it? Sea glass?

me: Ohhhhhhhh!

mum: Presents?

me: Ha ha, both!

mum: That would be a great story.....hmmmmm.....

{ My mother's hand holding some delicious cookie creation & my baby book }
me: yes

mum: memories in the hair...

me: hmmmmm....

mum: picking them up and showing them to grandma, and she tells them a story...

me: "Oh yes, this was from..."

mum: a prom hair comb....

me: pins and combs and clips and

mum: We thought the same thing!

me: That's because we're related. ;)

{ Je t'aime, Maman }


Elaine said...

I love this, and both of you.

shaunita said...

You and your mother are two of my personal heroes. Love you, and thanks for sharing.