Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer, please hurry up...

I know it's barely Easter, but April has definitely been the CRUELEST month this year. (Do I say that every year? Well, this year for certain!) All the blossoms just decided to burst through this week, and most of them look a little frost bitten. 
I've been dying to plant things, perhaps digging in a little too soon. 

PLUS- The deer seem to be eating all the flowers. Nice. 

Can we just fast-forward to May? MAY-be then the weather will start cooperating and I'll be able to don my muckboots with confidence.  

Methinks that the only cure for early springtime blues is to head somewhere that has summer year round. Oh right! I was in HAWAII & ARIZONA for a bit last March/April. THAT'S where I got my sunshine shot!!! 
 I feel like I should be able to bear the climate, tuck my head under my wing and wait it out like the rest of northern hemisphere humanity. Why can't I find joy in the frosty, brown months? There's usually some sort of hope to look for: violets, snow drops, crocus! This year these signs have been few and far between. 

Oh me, of little sleepy springtime faith.  
Joyeuses Pâques!


Katie and Sam said...

It was sure fun to get our sunshine on last year. :) Let's do it again!

Jana B. said...

couldn't agree more. i keep hoping to get some sort of sympathy that i'm still wearing my coat - yes my coat! is no one else seeing this problem? i feel you, sister. can't wait for summer.

susan said...

'Oh lonely snowdrop, harbinger of sprrrrrring!"

Anonymous said...

theres a little house with paper stars hanging from the ceiling with an air mattress with your name on it... in arizona. just waiting for you.

come. COME!