Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Confession, or two...

I stole these words off of someones facebook wall. I don't even remember who, but it clearly hit me in a way that made me need to copy it on a sticky note and then feel compelled to pass onto the blogosphere.

So struck by this, "Yes! Exactly!" moment that I didn't even bother to write down whom it was from! I'm so sorry dear stranger. You said something that I've been struggling to form in my head:

"I think we have to fight for and derive satisfaction every single moment throughout our relationships. It is a constant balancing of reciprocal needs and ongoing adjustments for a better fit. At the end, whenever that is, you can do the satisfaction math and it may sum up to happiness."

 {Relationships are work that's worth doing}

 Also, I snapped this picture of this couple on the ferry. How strange would it be to find your picture floating around in the ether? I'd be a little freaked by it.

So, I'm fessing up. I took it, but I'm not sorry. Because seriously? Look at how lovely you are!

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Katie and Sam said...

Made me think... the "happiness math" is more than addition and subtraction. The sum of satisfied moments is dwarfed by the emergent sense of happiness you get from having many good working friendships.