Friday, January 21, 2011

Do you think God ever says...

Grammy was drawing out some genealogy this morning, at my request. There are a lot of Great Aunts and Uncles that I never knew, and lots of funny 'going by your middle name' which has thrown of my paradigms of what I considered to be the branches of this giant tree.

She pointed out that the Thurman's and the Coleman's had very different looks. Thurman's being dark, gypsy, perhaps even a little black Irish. The Coleman's had Swede blonds and blue eyed girls, but some darker ones too.

I noted that in our family it seems like there are matches throughout the cousin spectrum where the Davis/Thurman/Coleman genes pull through and there are doubles, cousin-sisters, and "mini-me's". Most though, at least 5 years apart.

Genes are cool.

It's cool to see facial characteristics play out on humanity, and match yourself to your roots.

It made me wonder...

Do you think God ever says, "You all look just like your Mother Goddess."?

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Mari said...

Hi! Remember us? We were your neighbors across the street in Draper- wish I could e-mail you, I have questions! Your photography is stunning, and I love your blog- I am not surprised, you were special as a little girl, and I thought your mom was really cool : ) Mari