Thursday, November 25, 2010

Light on the mountain

Wow, Kaje, obsessed with light lately? Yes, I know. November has been weird, and rough on me. A little homesick and a lot of home + sick. I might just be having a hard time with this daylight savings business, but I find that I crave every last shred of light in the evenings.

With this lousy sickness that I can't seem to shake completely, movement just hurts. Actually, staying still hurts too. The house is quiet and the light is just harsh-- bright during the day. It isn't until dusk that I can bear to look out. I crave the sun, but can't endure the glare for long. "Give me photosynthesis!" scream my cells, like so many withering, frigid plants. "Just not for too long!"

So, wait until the gloaming.

It's in these moments, distracted by too much beauty my body is pulled out of the bedridden staleness. Like a junkie, the camera is hastily found, and held tight in my shaky hands. The flu leaves me for a short time. Must.....capture....the....shot!

Maybe light is healing. Light = happiness? Contentment? Health? Maybe when creative juices flow, it temporarily alleviates the weariness.

These pics I snapped in relatively quick succession; about 2-3 minutes between shots.
They aren't the greatest shots. Technically, I should have set up my tri-pod and actually gone outside, instead of staying behind the very dirty library windows...but it was 16 degrees out.  Give a sick lady a break!

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