Saturday, February 13, 2010

Need a little abstract in my life

Maybe the abstract photo of my abstract art is more interesting than the actual piece. Oh well.

I was in a painting mood, and my abstract skills have never really been pushed. So, I decided to sacrifice some 11xsomething canvases that have been hiding under the haunted piano in my room. ( Can you think of a better place to stash 8 blank canvases.)

I wish I would have video taped my painting session. Not for any glorified self broadcasting, but for my own reflection. I was amazed at how my first canvas (not pictured on this post) was a complete flop, and how consciously or sub-consciously I tried to fix it.

The next two canvases I worked on simultaneously. Which, not only was gratifying to my slight ADHD tendencies, (Ahhh, constantly changing channels!) but let me abandon one just in time so I wouldn't ruin it completely, so I could focus on the other.

Gypsy guitars and heavy Spanish rhythms stripped away any inhabitions.

It went a little like this in my head :
OHH! Okay, aalllllll red. Then scrape some of it away. Layers, I need layers. Okay, maybe it'll become a forest. NO! Don't turn it into anything yet. Just let it do it's thing. Okay, I need drips. What will purple do? What will white do? Yikes! Ummm, okay, now that I've done that, how are you going to make sure it's balanced? AMEBA! YES! Abstract work needs amoebas. Oh crap. Okay, Well, keep going with that shape. Smooth it out. Move it around. Hey good song!

Move onto the next, let the other one dry. Keep moving, keep adding. Keep mixing. Imagine what it would look like next to that drip. Does it need yellow? Does it need green? Does it need white? What?

And then I got lost in the sound and the paint and stopped actively asking questions and just did it.

Good exercise.


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Nice Paintin...and my husband loves Rodrigo Y Gabriella