Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas is CARNAGE!

You've been waiting, I can tell for a great post from me. Well, I'm sorry to say all I've got is a sorry expose on the slaughter of innocent foodstuffs during the festive holiday season.

The graphic picture above is the leftover skins of ravaged oranges, tortured into submission to make the pulpiest orange juice you ever gaged on! It was really quite tasty, I'll admit, once you got used to using your teeth as a strainer.

Green eggs and ham--A holiday tradition.

Jars of applesauce were thrown into recipes, and lactaid was flowing freely. It was a crazy, CRAZY time.

Maren's breakfast, mmmmm!

Then, drunk from the holiday excitement, there was a lapse in judgement and jello jigglers were formed, and then poorly scooped out.

The result, this holiday color train wreck.

Katelyn (my cool besty) came over to try to make sense of it all. We haven't seen each other in such a long time.  So we thought we'd make a bouche de noel, like the ones we made in the past, for competitions.  Unfortunately, our decorating skills have not progressed over the years.

The result was an oblong bloody bouche! Strawberry whipped cream, and cake as light as air! Mmm!

Now that I'm back out west, where the air is nice and polluted, (darn inversion!) I'm trying by best to work off this holiday weight inside. Can't wait to be able to hike around in clean mountain air, come April/May.

Hope your Christmases were bright and beautiful.

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