Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mud between my toes....mmmmm!

Garden treasures. I picked two bags of tomatoes and beets and new red potatoes.

Gram started right away making good potato salad and rinsing off onions.

Here is the little pioneer house at dusk. I love this little house. I need to spend more time there and paint, paint, paint! I have 8 new canvases that I'm playing with.
I have a studio--I should use it! But we've been a little busy here...

Sweet old dog with cukes.
Timp at sunset. I WILL conquer this mountain in September!
I love amanda panda.
I hope this field stays this way for forever.


Katie and Sam said...

delightful! I'm homesick. Come visit, KJ!

Amy of Progressive Pioneer said...

Give your sweet grandma a hug from me!