Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why does it seem like...

All of my friends are married...

or married and pregnant?

I was doing an inventory of all of my previous roommates that have sent me e-mails and facebook announcements of bridal showers, and baby showers, and engagements and such lately.

M -married and pregnant
B- Married
M- married
J- Married
J-married and pregnant
L-Married and pregnant
B-Married and 1 child
(okay, way too many britanys in my life.)
M- Married 2 kids in two years

That's all I can think of right now...

I'm not bitter. I'm not! REEEEALLY! I'm just overcome by how many of these women in my life are going through this life change. I think it's more of a realization that I'm old enough to have friends that are married and have kids.

How did that happen so fast?


shaunita said...

wow,that's quite an extensive list! I remember when i reached the point where all (almost) of my girlfriends were married and had at least one child. I marvelled that I was two life steps behind, even though I was happy where I was. We're all caught up now. Life comes at you fast!

Lauren and Gordon Brennan said...

You forgot one...

Kj said...

No I didn't!!