Sunday, April 27, 2008

Machine drawer catharsis

I forget who coined the phrase in our family...but someone somewhere created the impulse to become distracted by the little things like, a sewing machine drawer, and sort out the bobbins, and wind up the thread, and place the spare needles in a categorized descending line ( by size, and function--dontchaknow?)

This has filtered down to my brain--and I find myself having to organize the tupperware, or my post-it notes--or especially, the silverware. Sure, I know---it sounds like OCD---but really, you have no idea how good it feels to have those little things done!

Because, you see, that "machine drawer" that NO ONE WILL EVER SEE is organized, and together--and although the rest of the house is a mess, your hair hasn't been washed, and neither have your socks, but the tea bags are sorted--It feels SO GOOD! Hmm...says outward manifestation of organizing a cluttered mind?

I'm crazy. I know. Minutiae

What I'm realizing however, is that when I tackle these stupid little things, I'm finally able conquer the big things.

In other news: My creative streak has wandered off. It might be wedged between some newly shuffled CD jewel cases, or lined up next to the cumin in the spice cabinet. Where did I put it?

It's gotta be in a drawer around here somewhere. Hold on one second, really! It's right...oohhhh...sharpies--I wonder if any of these work. I really ought to go through these...

My life is in need of a deep spring cleaning!


shaunita said...

I'm glad to know someone else shares this psychosis--I mean organizing skill. I just cleaned my fridge today and had to organize the shelves by category and theme (asian spices and sauces all together, jams and jellies, things for dressing a hamburger, etc., etc.). Darryl is afraid to put anything away in the fridge for fear of messing up the "system," thus disturbing peace and harmony in my brain. :)

Liz (and sometimes Andrew) said...

I think that the story is that Grandma Betty was cleaning the house in preparation for her inlaws (or other relatives??) to come for a visit. She started her excavation in the most practicle place.... the sewing room.... but not just the room-- inthe drawers of the room. By the time the guests arrived, the sewing machine drawers were spottless and organized, but the rest of the house was still a mess.
I love my grandma! she rocks. I totally clean like that too. It's a Davis thing.

andi said...

You three (KJ, Shauna & Lizzer) are all cut from the same cloth!

I think it was Delphia's first visit to Betty Jo and Duane's SLC one room hovel of a home. She decided she would impress her mother-in-law with a tidy home.

I love that woman and I am so glad her eldest son wanted to find someone just like his mother!

Betty Jo said...

You were all close to the real story which is that I was cleaning our former-army-barrack apartment on the U of U campus (complete with plain boards for walls and no insulation through which rain and snow could come in on my children) and with a 4-foot-high 4-foot-wide gas furnace in one corner of the 8 x 8 living room and tiny windows, just to give you an idea of the place we lived. It was Aunt Marie Davis and her husband, Duane's brother, Delmar (named after his mother, Delphia Marr). She had a reputation of being The Perfect Housekeeper, and I did so want to impress her. And yes, I started in on the drawers of my Singer treadle sewing machine, and organized them as has been described...and never quite got the rest of the house finished like I wanted to. That's the real story of how the legend began.
Love to all and keep those sewing machine drawers ORGANIZED. Love and Aloha We arrived at Matt and Becca's this afternoon. bjpd