Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From Aunt Marillyn...


I sit alone by windows gazing out
To see the snow that covers over all.
Will spring be coming soon I want to shout
And bring pink blossoms to the highest wall?

The black-browed chickadees’ so lightly hop.
The towhees’ call; the sparrows smoothly sweep
To always eat sunflower seeds on top.
Birds hate the snowy days, oh I could weep,

A February wind blows deepest chill.
The cloud-filled skies soon bring the sleeting rain.
It slows the mind inside; destroys the will.
When warmth returns does grieving still remain?

Will youth revive with brilliant sunshine’s ray
And raging storms of age be held at bay?

Marillyn B. Johnson

February 2008
Winter of the blue snow

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andi said...

Who's this Aunt Marillyn woman and does she really have 2 Ls in her name? Why her and not Aunt Andi? It's always this Marillyn woman. What ever.