Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The stupidity of the human race astounds me.

HOMEWORK: Read Biology Chapter 20--Human Reproduction

I knew i'd be sitting in a room full of idiotic 20-somethings today--I guess I just wasn't prepared for the level of ignorance.

Maybe I grew up in a open home. Maybe I understand a little bit more than the average person about human anatomy. But you'd think that some of this knowledge would have trickled down--5th grade? 4th? Anyone remember that video that started out, " There comes a time in a young girls' life, when she begins to feel strange new awakenings..."

Honestly, I truly thought that most people would have been privy to some information about their bodies.

Stupid questions of the day:

* Girl: " So my friend, was like giving birth, and like after the baby was like born, and stuff--like she had to like push out another thing like 45 minutes later. Like...what's with that?"

* Guy :" Wait! What happens if like a guy has a Hysterectomy?"
Me: ---Um, Guys can't have Hysterectomies. It's called a Vasectomy.
Guy: " So that means like the little guys aren't swiming around anymore? Like, wouldn't you just like....EXPLODE!?"
Me: Let's turn to page 206...and read the definition of semen. Do you know what your vas deferens is?

* Teacher: " Circumcision is better, for cleanliness--it's better for the child."
Me: " Actually, that's a myth. Studies suggest that the uncircumsised infant penis is easier to care for because there's no wound to clean, and therefore no complications arise."
Teacher: "Well ...uh..."


* Girl: " I think God punishes couples who use birthcontrol. Like, if you put off having a family then God will make you wait even more. Birth Control really screws up your whole system and you'll have wait to have children. "
Me: " Alright! I think I just found a date to the heretic burning this afternoon."
Girl: "Huh?"
Me: " My God is better than your God."

So Maybe I was a little snippy today--but I didn't get much sleep--as I was busy watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. Which--in case you were looking for an Onion review---I give it two thumbs, four stars, and no rotten tomatos.

I have to write a paper now--on my teaching philosophy. Joy! It's due at 2 PM.

I thrive under pressure.

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Matt and Becca said...

KJ you rock! this was my first visit to your blg. Much rockage.
Last march about 2 weeks before Rosie was born I subbed for a 7th grade biology class-- and it happened to be the first day of their human repro unit. It was awesome. 7th graders are hilarious.
love ya!
-cousin becca