Friday, June 08, 2007

Where I spend my days and nights...

So, I'm taking this book arts class. Our prof is this puttering, ex-seminary teacher, hippy-dippy woman. She's pretty fantastic. We are in the printmaking room, because the Spori building dosen't have enough room for us artsy types. ( blast them all!) My class of 25+ is crammed in to this small space, but it's all worth it when Sister Simpson reminds us that, " Mistakes are what life is all about. And just because my sons aren't married yet, doesn't make me a bad mother." Or " Hey, making books isn't a game of rugby! You have to be gentle, and play badminton."
I'm pretty sure i'd go out of my mind if I didn't have this class. It's just the right amount of silliness and skill.

Paper signatures sewn together with the tricky French stitch. Those tricky Frenchies!

This is a leather trek journal. Tangerine leather is rather lovely! This was also my first time sewing with sinew---um...gross.

The final glowing result.

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