Saturday, August 07, 2004

so here i am

In 14 days i will be returning to my home on the atlantic coast, i suppose i am relieved to be back in NE...but i will miss the desert sunsets and the dry heat.

The ocean waves have been missing from my daily soundtrack....instead the hot heavy mountain ranges have seeped into my cup of tea, and the western wind has brushed my hair around until the edges become whips, smacking my back....urging me on. I need some salty sea-air....

It is strange to be torn between two shores....and interesting to note the differences... i'm not sure which one has more claim on me. East coast...west coast... i've lived in and loved both

for now i sip my orange spicy tea....contemplate my trip lay-over in Vegas...flying all night until miraculously I land, while the world spun and the night sky swiftly passed by the rounded windows to turn into a blushing dawn. -------7:08 am the itinerary states...while to my body it will remain 5 am ..and shall until I track some orange juice or a bagel down in the ridiculously over priced stores in the airport. Breakfast food always seems to return my inner clock to the right time.

Once my bearings are back, i'll peer out the large plate glass windows at the scraggly looking coast...and the city of Boston laid out like a childs game of blocks on a nursery floor. And i will be home....


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