Thursday, September 24, 2009

I have no brain...

Here...have a picture...or three

Friday, September 04, 2009

Pie, pie, more PIE!

Apparently, we've been feeling really domestic here at the "Villa".

Amanda made a beautiful lemon meringue! How brave is that? Have you ever tackled a meringue? It was her grandmother's recipe.
Ooooohhh! Ahhhhh!

How do I get this goodness in me?
Life is just peachy in the kitchen. Liz and Grammy made these fantastic fresh beautiful bodacious pies! Ahhhhh! Heaven!
(and I'm usually not one for peaches, but lemmejustsayrightnow---incredible!)
And THEN the pi├ęce de r├ęseistance! In a moment of fate--having a leftover pie crust, and a dish of half-set-up haupia pudding in the fridge...

The planets aligned, and the banana haupia pudding chocolate covered macadamia nut toffee pie was born! (made with a dash of nutmeg)

I think this one might make an appearence again. Ever since Sis. Achiu stopped by and taught me how to make good haupia, and we hula'd in the living room and she gave me my new Hawaiian name (Pohai ke Aloha)---I've been craving Ha-Vie-Eee!