Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fare thee well, O' Liz and Drew!

Oh sure, they look all serious now...

But once you get to know these goofballs, you'll never be the same!

Have fun in Limerick! Play pretty, now ya hear! Find good grub in pubs! And may you have the luck of the Irish immigrants that thankfully skipped out on the potato famine.
Send us music links from time to time!

Love you tons, you crazy loons!

Sweet Katira

Blogger doesn't like my Aperture program, and so the colors are a little wacky.
BUT the baby is still cute!

I love that she's all smiley now.

I love the details of her blessing dress! It's from the same fabric as her mama's wedding dress. Cool tradition, no?

Baby in a basket! Can I have one of about ten years?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mud between my toes....mmmmm!

Garden treasures. I picked two bags of tomatoes and beets and new red potatoes.

Gram started right away making good potato salad and rinsing off onions.

Here is the little pioneer house at dusk. I love this little house. I need to spend more time there and paint, paint, paint! I have 8 new canvases that I'm playing with.
I have a studio--I should use it! But we've been a little busy here...

Sweet old dog with cukes.
Timp at sunset. I WILL conquer this mountain in September!
I love amanda panda.
I hope this field stays this way for forever.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Flower Basket

Whenever I need a breath of sweet air in my life, I head to The Flower Basket, where I'm always greeted warmly by Bonnie. "What's the latest?", I ask. "What's your favorite thing today?" Silly question, really. How could you choose just one?

I mean LOOK at this place! Smart, fashionable, chi-chi, dapper, dashing and lovely.

I love the attention to detail. I love the good light. I love Bonnie!
If you need to find the perfect gift, well designed flowers, or a place to recharge
...just stop on by!